Retirement is a Journey,
not a Destination.

If you understand that more Americans are living longer today than ever before, then you know how critical it is to Optimize all that you've accumulated for retirement. 
If so, then this Course is for you!  
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Join Us For A Two Part Course (2 hours each Class)
Financial Survival for Retirement®

LIMITED Seats are still available for April 14 & 21!
(2 Consecutive Saturday Mornings)

*Note: Part of WRIGHT COLLEGE CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES — SPRING 2018 - For More Information, Ask For Antonio Lugo at 312-893-5466
Thank You Very Much!
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Explore The 2-Part Evening Course Schedule

Day 1 (2 Hrs)

  • NEW: Learn How the Biggest Sweep in the Tax Code
    Will Impact Your Tax Planning 
    (2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act) 
  • Increase More Income Certainty in Retirement
  • How to Properly Plan for the Threat of Healthcare Catastrophe
  • Day 2 (2 hrs)

  • Learn How to Optimize Your Retirement Assets (IRA/401Ks) in the Most Tax Efficient Manner
  • Maximize Social Security Income Benefits for Your Family
  • Understand Common Mistakes Made with Trusts, Wills, & Powers-of-Attorney
  • The Course is also Offered at the University of Tennessee Knoxville
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